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The content on bingxin website (abbreviation below as "this website") is only for your personal use and not for commerce.You should be respectable and use the copyright and other ownership statements in the content leagally.If there is no rights declaration for the content on the website,it doesn't mean that we don't have the rights or we don't mean to make declaration.  You should be in accordance with the principle and make legitimate use.It's not allowed to modify, copy, publicly display, publish or distribute these materials in any ways, or use them for any public or commercial purpose.It is prohibited to use these materials in any other websites,print media or network computer environment.The content and editing are protected by the copyright law, etc. Any unauthorized use of the material of this website may constitute a violation of copyright and other legal rights.

The trademarks, service marks and marks (abbreviation below "this website" as "trademarks") used and displayed on this website and the relevant linking websites are registered and unregistered by Bing Xin and other rights holders.Your use or access to any content on these websites cannot be recognized as authorizing you any right to use the relevant trademarks.Without written permission, you shall not use the trademark in any ways.Unless written permission is authorized, you are not allowed to use the trademarks as link to any Bing Xin related website.

If you don't accept or violate the above agreement, you will automatically terminate the authorization with this site, and you should destroy any content that has been downloaded or printed at the same time.

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